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Saturday After watching Mo win the Gold Medal on TV on Friday night – I couldn’t wait to get to the Stadium on Saturday morning – for my weekend watching the Heptathlon, among other things! Everything went well on the first morning – we arrived in plenty of time, and entered via a small queue on Bridge 2 – before finding our excellent seats right above the High Jump area. Katarina had a good start in the hurdles, but unfortunately couldn’t find her form in the High Jump and only jumped 1.80m.

Once the session was complete – we were switching sports to football – catching the train from Stratford to Southend – to watch Southend beat Blackburn – so that was worthwhile. Then it was back on the train (with my fish & chips!) – to the stadium, arriving in plenty of time for the big evening ahead – concluding with the men’s 100 metres. The sound in the stadium was amazing – every time a British athlete took to the field – a roar went up went must have been worth a few centimetres or seconds – depending on the event!

The evening ended with the 100 metres – not the result that a lot of people had come to see – and there was a weird silence once the race had ended – and people realised that Bolt hadn’t actually won it. Although he did receive a great cheer from the crowd – especially when he actually received his bronze medal the next day.

Sunday – This morning we travelled back to the stadium, to watch Kat compete in the long jump and shot put. Once again, our seats were located in the right place – and again, Kat made steady progress – although it was beginning to look as if Nafi Thiam and Carolin Schafer weren’t going to get caught.

At the break in sessions we headed up to St Pauls to watch the women's marathon. We stopped in Paternoster Square – which some of you may know better as where the ‘First Dates’ restaurant is located! A giant screen was set up – along with deck chairs – so we made ourselves comfortable in the lovely August sunshine. The marathon was 4 laps – and the runners actually came through the square – so we ran from the deckchairs to line the route and cheer the girls on. It was a great spectacle – especially with Alyson Dixon leading for so long, and once they had passed for the 4th time, we were able to watch the finale at Tower Bridge on the TV – before heading out for some food – and then to return to the stadium. The evening was the finale for the Heptathlon – and Katarina gave it a great go – but it wasn’t to be – and she finished in 5th position. A great first weekend of athletics – now for a couple of days at home – before heading back for the Decathlon at the end of the week!

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