Accessing priority tickets in prime locations through BASC

We provide members with the opportunity to access the best seats available to the general public and sit with fellow athletics fans at British Athletics indoor and outdoor events, plus major championships held in the UK.

In addition members can purchase tickets and travel packages for events around the world through our preferred travel providers.

UK Events staged by British Athletics

Due to our relationship with British Athletics we are able to agree an allocation of tickets in locations we believe meet members' needs including, where possible, near the finish line. We take into account the price of tickets, so for more expensive events we ensure that access the best value tickets. Often we are able to negotiate a discount for those who purchase early.

The sale and distribution of tickets is currently handled by The Ticket Factory. For those travelling some distance, For those travelling some distance, hotel accommodation can be arranged by BASC Approved Providers.

With each issue of the BASC in-house magazine (Backtrack) there is usually an information flyer from BASC’s Approved Providers. Information for members who wish to order tickets directly is usually emailed to members. It is important that members let us know of any change of email address, and that they make BASC a safe sender on their email service.

It is important that you read and act upon the information you receive with Backtrack, both in the Chairman's letter, British Athletics order forms and information from BASC’s Approved Providers!

Overseas Meetings and Championships

To facilitate those BASC members who wish to travel to overseas events, including individual meetings, championships, or cross country, BASC works with sports tour companies who can provide a fully comprehensive package of tickets, flights and hotel accommodation to provide priority access to members for travel packages for overseas events.

Approved Providers

BASC undertakes 'due diligence' on travel companies to ensure that their financial arrangements offer protection to members' funds and travel arrangements. Travel companies that demonstrate to BASC that they have insurances and provisions in place to protect members' travel arrangements and that operate appropriately when events cancelled, are given the status of 'Approved Provider'.

BASC’s current Approved Provider is Jamin Sports.

Using a BASC Approved Provider will ensure you are travelling and sitting with club members at overseas events, and sometimes meet up at social functions they arrange. In addition members are able to take advantage of extended tours on offer so that you are able to see areas of interest in the countries you are visiting.

It is important to ensure that you are appropriately insured should there be a problem with attending an event. Hotels, travel and events all operate independently. As an example, cancellation of an athletics event may stop you wanting to travel but hotels and flights may still be operating so without adequate cover you may lose the cost of flights and hotels.

**Click here for more information on consumer rights in the event of travel and event cancellations, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.**

By becoming a member of the British Athletics Supporters Club, you can be certain of obtaining tickets for major athletics events. Join us now!