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Athlete of the Year 2021: The Shortlist

Voting closes: Saturday 16 October | Winner announced: Saturday 20 November

  • Holly Bradshaw

    Holly Bradshaw

    [Photo: Mark Shearman]
  • Hannah Cockroft

    Hannah Cockroft

    [Photo: Mark Shearman]
  • Keely Hodgkinson

    Keely Hodgkinson

    [Photo: Mark Shearman]
  • Josh Kerr

    Josh Kerr

    [Photo: Mark Shearman]
  • Nick Miller

    Nick Miller

    [Photo: Mark Shearman]
  • Laura Muir

    Laura Muir

    [Photo: Mark Shearman]
  • Daryll Neita

    Daryll Neita

    [Photo: Mark Shearman]

At this time of year, we would normally be encouraging last-minute bookings for the BASC Dinner as well as inviting everyone to the BASC AGM. Regrettably, this year will be different.

Until the government introduced its rule changes in September, we had anticipated that larger functions would be possible in the autumn. However, at the point where we had to commit to the event or not, the likelihood of larger functions being possible disappeared. The changing nature of what is allowed in this pandemic also means that, whilst it might have been possible to plan the event, there was a significant chance of rules changing at short notice, forcing cancellation of the event. Reluctantly, and with disappointment, we decided that we had no choice but to cancel this year’s event. Those members that have paid will have received full refunds by the time you read this article.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of events, the BASC Committee has decided that it is not appropriate to have any of our annual awards this year – this affects the Athlete of the Year, the Susanna Ingram Award and also the junior awards. Our hope is that there will be sufficient competition next year to be able to reinstitute our annual awards.

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