The European Indoor Championships in Glasgow showcased thrilling races and a fair amount of British success. With the best ever medal haul at this champtionship - 12 medals (4 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze), the British team met high expectations thanks not only to medal favourites - Laura Muir and KJT among them - but also to breakthrough performances from Jamie Webb, Melissa Courtney, Tim Duckworth and Niamh Emerson among others.

Our thanks to BASC members Richard Dear and Nigel Bland for their photos.

  • Welcome to Glasgow 2019

    Welcome to Glasgow 2019

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Arena


    Photo: Richard Dear
  • KJT and Niamh Emerson celebrate

    KJT and Niamh Emerson celebrate

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Laura wins

    Laura wins

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Shelayna - focus of attention

    Shelayna - focus of attention

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Women's 4x400 team huddle

    Women's 4x400 team huddle

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Chris O'Hare snatches silver

    Chris O'Hare snatches silver

    Photo: Nigel Bland
  • Kilty rues missed chance

    Kilty rues missed chance

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Chris Baker high jump action

    Chris Baker high jump action

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Amelia Strickler puts

    Amelia Strickler puts

    Photo: Richard Dear
  • Mari Smith impresses on senior debut

    Mari Smith impresses on senior debut

  • Niamh Emerson overjoyed

    Niamh Emerson overjoyed

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