Backtrack January 2021The January edition of Backtrack is out now! Packed full of great articles!

We have interviews with Libby Clegg and Adam Cotton, columns by Beth Dobbin and club president, Katharine Merry. Plus a touch of nostalgia looking at Colin Jackson's indoor career. Also reflections on Bill Nankeville and club stalwart Jack Miller following their recent deaths.

There's club news, regular column from our chairman, as well as a look at the future of the Diamond League. As we were forced to scrap our annual awards last season, we take a look back over the last decade of BASC annual awards, plus more on the club's history.

So make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and settle down for a great read when your copy arrives!

The BBC have announced broadcast details for the World Indoor Tour gold events. All are currently set for transmission on the BBC red Button except the 9th Feb which is only to be on-line or the iPlayer.

  • Lievin, France - Tuesday, 9 February - 19:15-21:30 - iPlayer and BBC Sport website
  • New York, USA - Saturday, 13 February - 21:00-23:00 - BBC Red Button, iPlayer and BBC Sport website
  • Torun, Poland - Wednesday, 17 February - 17:00-19:00 - BBC Red Button, iPlayer and BBC Sport website
  • Madrid, Spain - Wednesday, 24 February - 17:00-19:00 - BBC Red Button, iPlayer and BBC Sport website

In the Spring and Autumn editions of Backtrack, articles highlighted the things that travellers to athletics events needed to consider when booking travel and arranging insurance. As the holding of events and travel remains uncertain and we feel certain that there will be further cancellations due to Covid. Click here for more information on consumer rights in the event of travel and event cancellations.

Jack MillerSadly, the death of former BASC Chairman Jack Miller, has been announced. As many members will know, Jack has been in poor health for some time. Unfortunately, he was admitted to hospital with an infection but whilst there he tested positive for Covid-19 and whilst he initially seemed to be fighting the virus, it got the better of him and he died on Tuesday 15th December. BASC's condolences go to Jack's family.

Backtrack in the Summer 2007 reported the speech to Jack given by Alan Masters, the then newly appointed BASC Treasurer, at the BASC members dinner that year. Jack had just retired as BASC Chairman and the speech was a tribute to his time as Chairman. We can do no better than reproduce the text of that speech:-

It is my pleasure to have been asked to say a few words about Jack. I feel reasonably well qualified to do this because I have known Jack for about 12 years, in fact since the European cup in Lille in 1995. Since then we have shared athletics from Edmonton to Melbourne and from Helsinki to Seville. We have shared a bottle of Ribena (as Jack's likes to call his red wine) on a train back from Cardiff where we were pursuing contact with Welsh athletics; and a lot more than one bottle while watching cricket at Lords. I have been sandwiched between him and Graham Botley in a two seater van, which eventually broke down and had to be towed away. And we've sung Welsh songs together on the balcony of an apartment we shared with David Lewis in Athens. With shared many highs and lows at athletics but none more so than standing the old Panathenaic Stadium in Athens watching Paula's drama unfold.

At this time of year, we would normally be encouraging last-minute bookings for the BASC Dinner as well as inviting everyone to the BASC AGM. Regrettably, this year will be different.

Until the government introduced its rule changes in September, we had anticipated that larger functions would be possible in the autumn. However, at the point where we had to commit to the event or not, the likelihood of larger functions being possible disappeared. The changing nature of what is allowed in this pandemic also means that, whilst it might have been possible to plan the event, there was a significant chance of rules changing at short notice, forcing cancellation of the event. Reluctantly, and with disappointment, we decided that we had no choice but to cancel this year’s event. Those members that have paid will have received full refunds by the time you read this article.

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