The British Athletics Supporters Club is the official body for fans of athletics in the UK. BASC liaises closely with the governing bodies of the sport, representing the views of supporters. The Club creates opportunities for members to meet athletes, coaches and officials, as well as making available priority and, where possible, discounted ticketing for the major UK events.

An important part of BASC's activities is to support grassroots athletics which it achieves in the following ways:-

  • Annual awards to young athletes (both able bodied and IPC)
  • Special awards for outstanding performances by unfunded athletes
  • Bursaries for coaches and support staff who demonstrate that funding will assist the development of youth athletics
  • Sponsoring awards for young athletes at single discipline events such as Vault Britain and The Javelin Carnival

BASC also works with sports tour companies to provide priority access to members for travel packages for overseas events. BASC undertakes 'due diligence' on travel companies to ensure that their financial arrangements offer protection to members' funds and travel arrangements. Travel companies that demonstrate to BASC that they have insurances and provisions in place to protect members' travel arrangements are given the status of 'Approved Provider'. BASC committee members are experienced business people but not travel experts so whilst BASC does not guarantee these companies operations members can be assured that their insurance arrangements have been vetted but members should ask for confirmation at the time of making a reservation. BASC's current Approved Provider is:-

BASC produces Backtrack - a magazine for supporters - three times a year. The magazine is sent directly to members and the current edition can be viewed in the members' section of the web site. Previous editions can be viewed online by anyone.

The club occasionally produces limited merchandise for members.

As well as meeting up with club members at athletics events throughout the year, members can also enjoy the Annual Dinner Weekend, which is a highlight for many.

From time to time BASC also looks for commercial arrangements that benefit members such as discounted subscriptions to Athletics Weekly.

BASC is run by a committee - find out who's who.

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