Are you passionate about watching athletics either at home or abroad?

Do you want a guarantee of tickets at the major athletics events?

Do you want access to the best seats available to the general public?

Would you like to sit with fellow athletic fans?

Do you want overseas travel and accommodation as well as tickets to the major events, Diamond League or Championships?

The British Athletics Supporters Club can fulfil all these requirements and more! Here's how...

UK Events staged by British Athletics

Prior to tickets being offered for sale to the general public, BASC meets with British Athletics and agrees an allocation of tickets that can be offered to members. BASC negotiates a supply of tickets that is sufficient to meet members’ needs based on previous experience.

BASC selects tickets in blocks that we believe meet members' needs and, wherever possible, BASC seeks to secure a block of tickets as near as possible to the finish line. However, the availability of tickets near the finish line is sometimes limited by British Athletics’ requirements to meet their obligations to their sponsors and to broadcasters.

When selecting blocks, BASC also takes account of the price of tickets as, on some occasions, especially Diamond League meetings, the pricing is pitched high so the overriding criteria is location and value for money.

Often BASC is also able to negotiate a discount on the face value of tickets for those who purchase early.

The sale and distribution of tickets is currently handled by Ticket Factory. For those travelling some distance, Jamin Sports are also able to arrange hotel accommodation.

With each issue of the BASC in-house magazine (Backtrack) there is usually an information flyer from BASC’s Approved Providers. Information for members who wish to order tickets directly is usually emailed to members. It is important that members let us know of any change of email address, and that they make BASC a safe sender on their email service.

British Athletics usually have an ‘early bird’ offer for ticket purchases and whether you order direct from British Athletics or use the services of Track & Field Tours, it is important not to delay placing your order so as not to miss out on the lower pricing. You will still be able to make ticket purchases at a later date but will not be able to obtain the discount.

It is important that you read and act upon the information you receive with Backtrack, both in the Chairman's letter, British Athletics order forms and information from BASC’s Approved Providers!

Overseas Meetings and Championships

To facilitate those BASC members who wish to travel to overseas events, including individual meetings, championships, or cross country, BASC works with sports tour companies who can provide a fully comprehensive package of tickets flights and hotel accommodationto provide priority access to members for travel packages for overseas events. BASC undertakes 'due diligence' on travel companies to ensure that their financial arrangements offer protection to members' funds and travel arrangements. Travel companies that demonstrate to BASC that they have insurances and provisions in place to protect members' travel arrangements are given the status of 'Approved Provider'. (For more information on how companies become BASC Approved Providers...).

BASC’s current Approved Provider is Jamin Sports.

Using BASC Approved Providers will ensure you are travelling and sitting with club members at overseas events, and sometimes meet up at social functions they arrange. In addition members are able to take advantage of extended tours on offer so that you are able to see areas of interest in the countries you are visiting.

**Click here for more information on consumer rights in the event of travel and event cancellations, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.**

If you are not a member of the British Athletics Supporters Club and wish to be certain of obtaining tickets for major athletics events, now is the opportunity to join the club!

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