2015-16 Bursary Awards

Recipients of Peter White Bursary Awards for 2015-16:

In 2015 the scheme was more widely advertised, with contacts at England, Northern Ireland, Wales & Scotland Athletics all communicating the scheme to their members. This prompted twenty-two applications, of which ten were successful...

Ben Davies

Medicine balls for coaching group

As an athlete I was fortunate enough to have experienced a number of high quality coaches and philosophy’s towards athlete youth development.  I did not really appreciate it at the time but the one thing each of those coaches had in common was they incorporated some form of Strength & Conditioning into their programme.

Having now graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching, where I specialised in Physiology and Strength & Conditioning for developmental athletes, I can fully appreciate and understand the need to incorporate forms of appropriate resistance training developing athletes who aim to reach those higher standards.

Daniel Njal

Event Group courses

I very clearly remember the weekend that I fell in love with Track & Field. On 4 August 2012, I sat and watched in total awe as ‘Super Saturday’ unfolded at the London Olympics. The following day, my 30th birthday, I took part as an athlete in my first ever track & field meeting. I came last in the steeplechase, and jumped an extremely modest distance in the long jump, but I was hooked!

A year or so later I started taking my young son’s to Blyth Running Club’s junior sessions, and very soon I was helping out in any way I could as the sessions were reaching capacity. I found it incredibly rewarding seeing the progress that young athletes were making, and the fun they were having. After progressing through the Athletics Leader and then Coaching Assistant courses, I was delighted to finally become an Athletics coach early in 2015.

Ed Borman

UKA coaching course

I started coaching at 14, my pole vault coach was also the lead junior coach at my club and I assisted her with the junior athletes. When I was 16 I took my UKA Athletics Leader qualification. I continued to help with the juniors but also over the next couple of years I began coaching pole vault alongside my then pole vault coach/training partner.  As he was the only active pole vault coach in our area anybody from the area who wanted to vault were referred to us. 

I became very interested in becoming a pole vault coach and once I was 18 took the UKA Assistant Coaches course and then as soon as allowed enrolled on the UKA Athletics Coach course (you have to wait 3 months between becoming an assistant and enrolling on the course). 

Rob McKim

Travel to Cross Country Championships

Let me start off by telling you something about me. I am an endurance coach at Reading Athletic Club (RAC). I coach about 18 athletes at RAC, aged from 14 to seniors, mainly male although I coach three teenage females. I have a promising group of athletes including Jonny Davies as well as senior Dan Thorne (50 minutes for 10 miles) and a fair number of athletes in the top 20 in the Power of 10 rankings, mainly under 17. Some of my athletes have won national and national schools medals, and a few European medals.  

My athletes compete over track, cross country and road. I am also a part-time area coach mentor (Endurance) for England Athletics and have a small role as steeplechase coordinator for England Athletics for the south and Midlands.

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