2014-15 Bursary Awards

Recipients of Peter White Bursary Awards for 2014-15:

In 2014 the scheme was renamed the ‘Peter White Bursary Scheme’, in memory of a great supporter and fan of athletics who left a legacy to the club, which has been set aside to assist in funding the bursary scheme. The scheme was again announced at the Officials conference and England Athletics highlighted the scheme in one of their regular email updates. This prompted fifteen applications, of which seven were successful...

Chris Childs

Starters equipment

Chris Childs is an official who applied for a BASC Peter White Bursary earlier this year. Chris wanted the bursary to enable her to buy a Mi-Pro portable PA system, which is easy to take to meetings and move around the track for each event. This is Chris’s update:-

I was always interested in being an athletics official as I’m a masters' athlete with Dartford Harriers AC and I know how important it is to have volunteers provide their time so that athletics meetings go ahead. The sport really does rely on the generosity of volunteers who take time to train and work their way through the requirements and experience required by UKA. Each time I race, I benefit from their time and expertise, and as well as competing, I want to be involved in athletics, so it seemed logical to train to be an official.

Jacob Hood

UKA Coaching course

In October 2014 I applied for funding through the BASC’s Peter White Bursary Scheme to complete the Endurance Event Group Athletics Qualification. I have been gradually working through the on-line modules, many of which have been very useful when applied to my coaching and planning.

Since starting university in September 2013, studying BSc Sports Coaching I have been involved in coaching athletics within a range of groups, ages and abilities. I had been involved within athletics as an athlete and coach for nearly six years prior to university.

I began coaching within my university (University of East London), and Newham and Essex Beagles (UEL Partner Club). Coaching adults for the first time was initially a challenge, however this became easier with time. The enhanced knowledge gained from the Endurance Event Group Qualification has significantly helped.

Marc Ritchie

Annual Officials Course

After being awarded £250 through the Peter White Bursary Scheme to enable me to develop my officiating skills throughout the UK, I decided to attend the UK Athletics Officials Conference. This was to be located at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth, Warwick on Saturday 19th April 2015. This was my first UK Athletics conference I had attended due to my studies and other pressures that prevented me attending official’s conferences previously. I was therefore honoured and grateful for being awarded this bursary to attend the conference, and allow myself to meet and interact with new and familiar officials about officiating issues across the UK Athletics domain.

The format of the conference was workshop based across a plethora of topics of athletics officiating, ranging from disability athletics to conflict management.

Michelle Green

Coach in Running Fitness course

The BASC Peter White Bursary Scheme has enabled me to take my knowledge to the next level. Thanks to the bursary, I enrolled on the Coach in Running Fitness course at the start of this year and following my final assessment at the beginning of June I am now a qualified Coach.

I have always enjoyed running as a hobby and to now be able to help others achieve their running goals is incredibly satisfying.

Following on from running the London Marathon, I decided to study to become a run leader so I could help others do the same. I qualified as a Leader In Running Fitness 4 years ago and with the support of the company that I work for – South Downs Performance - started a running club in my local village. This has gone from strength to strength and it has helped numerous people run that have never done so before or to take their running to the next level.

Peter Mullervy

Travel to World Junior Championships

I started coaching at the age of 21 as my club had no coaches at all, least of all someone of the calibre of my own coach from my teenage years the late Frank Horwill. I coached a group of teenage boys initially as we were an all male club (not that uncommon back then) at GEC athletic club and also served as chairman as we rose up the ranks from 3rd Division Southern league up to the dizzy heights of British league division 3.

As I approached my forties and still competing at Steeplechase in the British league I was asked to take on a ready made group of girls from a female coach who had decided to retire from coaching. This coincided with me coaching my first Junior International in Chris Knight also at steeplechase. I really enjoyed the mixed group and that very insular group of girls taught me much of what I used today in terms of the pschycology of coaching females.

Sam Bass-Cooper

Coaching courses

I’ve always been a keen sports person and have been pole vaulting for 5 years. During this time I have been coached by 3 different coaches and have been inspired to get involved in coaching myself. I wanted to pass on my coaches’ knowledge, and some of my own, to new young athletes who are keen to get involved in athletics as a sport.  To this end I qualified as an Athletics leader as soon as I reached 16.

I’m keen to become a fully qualified coach. This meant undertaking the 2 day Coaching Assistant training as the next stage in the journey to become a fully qualified coach, followed by the Athletics Coach training…a course run over 4 days in total. An expensive business doing both courses so the bursary from BASC has been an enormous help.

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