2013-14 Bursary Awards

Recipients of Peter White Bursary Awards for 2013-14:

In 2013 we introduced the BASC Bursary Scheme designed to make awards to coaches and officials using the donations given to the supporters club by members. The initial bursary scheme was communicated via an article in Athletics Weekly and a notice at the annual Officials conference, which led to applications to the scheme. Four applications were approved by the Committee during the first year...

Christopher Blandford

Athletics Coach course

I have been coaching now for over 6 years, mostly coaching Javelin to a mixture of ages and abilities. To date, I have coached 5 national top 10 athletes and 1 national champion, as well as various county medallists and club athletes.

Matthew Barnes

Coaching Assistant course

Having competed regularly for over 30 years, in various sports, of which the last 10 have been solely in athletics (I have represented Great Britain and England in road running and ran a sub-4-minute mile in 2007), I had recently given some thought to getting involved in coaching.

Sarah Russell

Biomechanics Coach Diploma

My MSc in sport science gave me a basic understanding of biomechanical analysis, but I’ve been looking for a course to help develop a deeper knowledge of anatomy, the way in which people move and the mechanics of running in more detail.

Shireen Higgins and stepper bike

Stepper Bike for training group

Having a large coaching group of young athletes, who invariably get niggles at some stage (from other sports as well as running!), I was looking for a better way (other than normal bikes) to ensure that we could keep them included within the group and still training the right muscles when someone was unable to run.

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